ENGINEERS GRID is registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) as local consultant with registration number 1876. As per PEC, ENGINEERS GRID can provide services in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering fields.

Famous Roman Architect, Vitruvius said:

“well building hath three conditions: firmness, commodity and delight.”

Put in the more modern language, we might conclude that a good building should be solid and sturdy, and be useful and pleasing – or perhaps provocative – to the eye.

The functionality, looks and structural design and impact on the surrounding environment. A good architect will create design which will give clients and public thing they did not even realize they wanted.

What is new and exciting now can quickly begin to look tired and out of fashion, so the best buildings don’t just consider what will be interesting to look at now, but also how it might look to people in five, fifty or even a hundred years’ time. A good building should make you want to look at it. Even if not always liked by passers-by, it should always make them feel something. Value for money is not, and never was, the same as being cheap. Value for money means making the most of whatever budget is available.

What would your criteria for a ‘well-designed’ building be?

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Just like the architectural part, this is also one of the most important part of design process.

Our engineers have more than 15 years of experience in structural design of buildings and other structures like culverts, retaining walls and under-passes. Health institution are one of the most important buildings and our teams of engineers is expert in such buildings.

Different softwares like ETABS, SAFE and SAP2000 are used for the design.

Grid specializes in designing various types of HVAC systems for homes, companies and government agencies. The company provides comprehensive consulting and supervision services ranging from traditional plumbing systems, heating systems and ventilation systems to specialized projects such as fuel pipelines, snow melting systems, cooling systems, compressed air systems, sprinkler systems and inert gas fire extinguishing systems.

Our specialists have designed HVAC systems for various residential and industrial buildings, factories and shopping centers.

Building Information Modeling

The latest technologies are always applied in the design process. Our specialists monitor new developments within the profession, and are active in implementing innovations into the construction process. Additionally, Grid maintains its own comprehensive cost database which greatly facilitates cost estimations and project activity planning.

Primary software used in Building information modeling (BIM) at Grid includes:

  • MagiCAD
  • Revit Structure
  • Navisworks
  • Tekla Structures

We have experience in all electrical works starting from lighting to air conditioners, generators and elevators.

By calculating power load from each device, we can advise you about bringing down the electrical power usage and the type of power source to use in case of electricity black-outs.

Just like Pavement design Geometric design of roads is also an important part of design process. Imagine a road, designed for a specific vehicle but when loaded the truck could not climb it because of its steep slope or could not take a turn since the truck was too long for the turn.

We follow AASHTO guidelines for geometric design and pavement design roads

Technical Document preparation is a major problem for most contractors and small consultants. From PC1 to PC4, progress reports and extension cases for Government Works, we can handle all, easily and efficiently.

We have expert quantity surveyors from different fields like buildings, roads who have  prepared and checked Bill of Quantities and Interim Payment Certificates (bills, IPC).

Whether it is a small town or large urban city, Engineers Grid is able design their water supply and sewerage system, solid waste disposal system and treatment plants.

Energy Planning Conservation and Development