Characteristics of a Perfect House

There are different aspects of a perfect house to be considered:

1.    Location – Since house buyers look to settle down in that area so it should be located in safe region. There may be specific requirements for each individual; however, we are providing a small list here.

1)    Market from where groceries and daily usage items are easily available.
2)    Mosque.
3)    Safe drinking water.
4)    School if you have children.
5)    Hospital or at least a Dispensary.
6)    Neighbors
7)    Public Transportation System

2.    Light and Bright – A house with South-facing and enough windows so that sun may enter should be preferred. No exposure to sun may cause several problems. Exposure to sun is necessary for kitchen because it kills certain bacteria which cannot be killed with cleaners and disinfectants. The trend for the solar panels is coming in next ten years and house owner will prefer solar panels at roof. A south facing roof is preferred for solar panels.


3.    Security – Is the house located at a place where you and your family feel safe? How is the current situation in the area? Is it getting worse? Is it an isolated spot? Will the neighboring hurt you or help you? Areas with smaller houses can give you ‘safety in numbers’ feeling.

4.    Floor Plan – The most desirable houses are those with big open rooms that flow.  This can be fixed with an open checkbook, so use your imagination. Room sizes are discussed in a separate article.

5.    Guest Room – A downstairs room for guests is nice – especially for the males.  If it is separated from the rest of the house is excellent but it doesn’t have to be detached. Especially an attached toilet is now-a-days preferred a lot.

6.    Lounge – Having the kitchen/lounge combo is imperative, and money can make it possible.  It includes a big-screen TV that can be seen from the kitchen sink.

7.    Style – It is a hot feature for looks, and can be added easily. Even each room can have its own style making it mood friendly.

8.    Three-car Garage – Sometimes called the California Basement, the third-car garage usually hold people’s junk and is used as store.

9.   Bed rooms with dressings – This item is necessary for the ladies; men can live with a cardboard box – or leaving their clothes on the floor.  It is probably an efficiency thing – being able to see the available selection of clothes probably makes it easier to choose, especially with shoes.  A window or small lighting in the closet is great.

10.  Good Water Supply and Sewerage – There should be enough water available for every person in the family. Generally, in Pakistan, each person use about 170 liters of water in a day. So do your math for number of persons and multiply that value by 2 for two days reserve quantity in case anything goes bad. The sewerage system should not get chocked quickly.

11.  Walls and Roof Insulation – A good roof insulation is necessary since about 60% of the heat comes from roof. When a roof insulation is used, this reduces to about 15%. Exterior Walls contribute about 20% of total heat coming from external house. Using insulation in the walls reduces this by 10-12% and only 10-8% of the heat is transferred. This saves a lot of bill. The remaining 20% of the heat is contributed by windows, ventilators and other sources.

Things to avoid:

1.    Extra-large backyards – These may cost too much for maintenance and are not often used. If the lawn takes less than 30 minutes to mow then it is good for you.
2.    Overgrown trees – If a tree is more than 20 feet tall, they are usually too big and messy and there is danger they will fall on the house.
3.    Three or more levels – Two story house with basement is maximum.
4.    Linoleum, single-pane windows, Formica, 8-ft ceilings, etc. – are old and outdated so avoid them.
5.    High voltage Power lines nearby – People usually avoid high voltage lines passing over or nearby.

I will write another article about preferable sizes of each room in one of my next articles. 

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