Estimation Of Reinforcement In RCC members

When a project starts and BOQ is required but the designers have not produced reinforcement drawings yet. Then comes the problem as how to calculate the reinforcement in the structure.  Well, here are thumb rules to calculate all of the reinforcement in the RCC structures.

Thumb rule # 1

Slabs: Assume 1% of the total volume of the RCC Slab

Beams: Assume 2% of the total volume of the beams.

Columns: Assume 2-3% of the total volume of concrete columns.

Footings: Same as slabs.

RCC Roads: Assume 0.6% of the total volume.

Thumb rule # 2

Steel weight is taken per cubic meter of concrete.

Slab & staircase: 70kg/m3

Beams: 110kg/m3

Columns & Concrete wall: 150kg/m3

Concrete foundation: 130kg/m3

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